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How to Get Facebook Reviews


Positive customer reviews are a powerful tool that can help maintain or boost your business. Numerous case studies have proven that companies with positive customer reviews have a significantly higher conversion rate than companies with negative or no reviews. Facebook takes things a step further with their unique way of using customer reviews to rate a business on a one to five-star scale. The star rating is made highly visible, as it is located directly under your business’s Facebook profile picture. This makes the reviews you obtain very important and something you should pay close attention to should you want to meet your business goals. Here are three easy ways to gain positive reviews on your business Facebook page.

Learn From The Reviews You Already Have

It sounds quite simple, but using your current reviews (negative and positive) can be a powerful marketing tool. Judging customer satisfaction can be quite a task, especially in today’s business world where customers use only the internet to express their opinion of a business. Reviews give you the unique opportunity to get inside your customer’s minds. Listen to what they are saying (or not saying) and use it to alter your business model. Most times, your customers will go into very specific detail when describing their dissatisfactions. Try not to take it personal and use it as a learning tool to change your reviews from negative to positive. Also consider reaching out to individuals who posted negative reviews to see what you can do to encourage them to return as a customer.

Post a Facebook Ad to Page Members Only

Customers can be needy. They spend their hard earned money on your products and services and want you to make them feel special. An easy way to do this is to reach out to with a member only Facebook ad. By making an ad “member only,” you make customers feel like you care about them and appreciate their business. Personal service has a huge effect on customer satisfaction and on the chances of obtaining a positive customer review. Additionally, non-page members may be more willing to become a member of your business page if you regularly offer ads that are only for them.

Reward Loyal Customers with Email Incentives

Less than 20% of customers provide a business with the largest portion of its revenue. If you are able to pin point which customers are spending the most money on your products and services, you can tap into a loyal customer base that is sure to give you positive reviews. Offering them email incentives in exchange for positive reviews is a way to reward your relationship with the customer. You can use marketing tools like a surprise reward to be used in an allocated amount of time if a customer writes a review. Birthday and special occasion incentives can also be used.

Numerous positive customer reviews won’t just come to you. You have to work for them. The techniques listed above have been proven to work if used correctly. Using them with a personally customized marketing campaign will surely bring your business and sales to a new level. Always remember that stars are highly visible on your Facebook page and have a great effect on customer persuasion. Use this to your advantage and you learn more about how to get Facebook reviews.