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Why Our Review Building Product Is Superior To The Competition

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There are other review building software products out there; however, ours is the best for a number of different reasons. Here are a few factors that set our product apart from the competition:

1. The reviews end up where it really counts. Reviews that come directly to you that you have the option of posting on your website are only so valuable. You want the reviews posted where it counts – on sites like Google and Yelp. That will impact your call volume the most.

2. The review comes from the company owner’s email address. For other review building software, the email that gets sent out comes from the software company. For example, with our product the email that gets sent to your customers will come from your company address (like bob@xyzplumbingcompany.com) instead of from an email address from our company, like info@reviewshepherd.com. This makes a big difference.

3. The message you send is 100% customizable. You can include whatever text you want… in terms of the offer you want to include, customized instructions, etc. This is especially important for sensitive industries in which confidentiality can be important (like DWI lawyers, doctors, counselors, etc.)

4. Upload email addresses in bulk via excel spreadsheet. Remember the days when you had to send out email invitations one at a time? Those days are over. Just upload a spreadsheet of customer email addresses and our software handles the rest.

5. Avoid the spam folder. We have special technology in place that ensures that your email reaches the desired target – your customer’s inbox. You can be sure that the emails you send won’t end up in a spam folder.

6. Your customer’s choose which site they have an account with. Why is this so important? If the reviews come from an established account, they are much more likely to stick (i.e. not get filtered out and not go live on your profile). If someone creates a brand new Yelp profile to write a review for you, for instance, the odds of it getting filtered out and not sticking to the page are very high. If the review gets filtered out, it’s worthless. We can’t guarantee that none of our reviews get filtered out; however, we do give you the best shot possible. Also… it’s a hassle to get people to create new accounts. It’s much better to get existing Gmail users to write your Google review, existing TripAdvisor users to write your TripAdvisor review, etc.

7. We sniff out the device that your customer is using. Unless you have done lots of review building in the past, you likely don’t know how important this is. Our software can tell whether your customer is accessing the software via desktop computer, iPhone, Android, etc. Custom options and instructions are provided for each device. If you don’t realize how important this is, then try to leave a Google Maps review from your iPhone. You aren’t going to be able to pull it off. In the same way, your customer is going to be really frustrated with you if you ask for a Google review, they open it up on their iPhone, and they can’t even find the “Leave A Review” button. Our software provides custom options and instructions for each device so these issues are a thing of the past.