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How To Get Google Reviews

Google Plus reviews are critical for most local businesses. Google maps results show up on the first page of the search engines for many highly valuable keywords! The company that has the five star rating with 50 positive reviews is going to get the call almost every time!

How do some companies get so many Google reviews… while your maps profile has one pathetic review that your wife wrote for you? The answer is that they are proactive with their approach and have a better process than you do. If you learn how to get Google reviews, then your business will likely skyrocket!

Your Google maps profile should be your most effective salesperson. The profile should generate a crazy amount of leads and calls. So many people go to Google when looking for the products and services that they need; it’s critical that you leverage its power to your benefit.

So how to get Google reviews? The answer is ReviewShepherd! Don’t buy Google Plus reviews with other risky online reputation management services; get 100% safe, 100% real, 100% honest reviews with our proven online software.

The key to how to get Google reviews is to reach out to your past customers that have an active Google Plus account. You have to have a Google Plus account to leave a review on a Google Maps (Places) page. It’s a time consuming and inefficient process to manually reach out to your past customers and ask them if they have a gmail account/ Google Plus page. ReviewShepherd automates the process and makes getting Google reviews easy!

The best part about using ReviewShepherd is that your other online profiles (like Yelp, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, etc.) will get plenty of review love too! ReviewShepherd is the key to your online reputation management problems.

Never worry about how to get Google Plus reviews again; try ReviewShepherd right now for just $199 a month. It’s well worth the investments and you are likely to obtain a very high ROI.

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