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Get Angie’s List Reviews

Angie’s List is an incredible source of customers for many small businesses, especially contractors. If you have lots of reviews and post a deal, then there’s a good chance that you will get enough customers to sustain your business for the entire year.

Consumers really trust the reviews on Angie’s List, which is why so many customers flock to Angie’s List when looking for the products and services that they need. Angie’s List is such a great resource to find amazing contractors at amazing prices. It’s crucial that contractors leverage the marketing capabilities of Angie’s List in order to obtain a steady stream of new business.

The best source of reviews on Angie’s List is to acquire reviews from the customers who have booked your services directly through Angie’s List, as Angie’s List will prompt the user to write a review after the service has been completed. You can expect to receive more Angie’s List reviews by offering a discount on the service if the customer writes a quick review.

ReviewShepherd is also a great resource for obtaining Angie’s List reviews. Let’s say that you have several hundred email addresses from past customers. Likely, a very high percentage of those users did not book your service through Angie’s List and never left you a review there; however, a decent number might have an active Angie’s List account and would be a great source for a review. ReviewShepherd will channel those customers directly to your Angie’s List profile so that they can leave you a review.

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