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ReviewShepherd Affiliate Program

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In our humble opinion, we have the best affiliate program on the planet… especially if you’re with an SEO company or other firm that has lots of connections to small, local businesses.  Why? Two reasons:

1. You get a recurring payment for every customer that signs up. You get 25% of each payment that a customer makes for the lifetime of their order. Our packages range from $199/ month to $3999/ month, so your monthly earnings can add up to be a significant amount quickly. Amazing passive income.

2. You get your own unique discount code that gives customers 10% off for the lifetime of their order. You aren’t just channeling traffic to a website and then taking a percentage of each sale. The companies you refer will be especially motivated to enter in your unique discount code because they will save 10% on their order for the lifetime of their subscription.

The best part is that your clients will be absolutely thrilled with you for the referral to our product. As long as the client has a sufficient quantity of email addresses of past customers and generally offers good customer service, they should absolutely kill it with our product. Our success stories are amazing. The fact is that if you have a lot more positive reviews on sites like Google Maps and Yelp than anyone else, then you tend to get a very high percentage of the calls  🙂

How To Sign Up:

In order to sign up for our affiliate program, email us at affiliates@reviewshepherd.com. Be sure to include in the email:

1. Your Name

2. Your Company Name

3. Your Phone Number

4. Your Preferred Email Address

5. Your Physical Address

6. Your PayPal ID

7. Any Questions/ Comments You Have

Once you are approved, we will email you your discount code shortly thereafter.

The “Fine Print”

1. We pay commission payments monthly. If the commission payment is less than $500, the only way that we will pay is through PayPal. If your commission payment is more than $500, then you can choose between either PayPal or check.

2. Your commission is calculated based off of the actual payments that are made.

3. Customers must enter in your discount code in the payment process in order for you to be eligible for a commission.

4. You are responsible for declaring your income for tax purposes.