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Success Stories

We have clients who simply dominate the competition in terms of review count. These clients get a very high percentage of the calls as a result! Here are just a few examples of our many success stories

Success Story #1 – Google Maps Review Building

HLM Medical Management Firm – Before HLM started working with ReviewShepherd, the company just had a single review on Google… and the maps profile was not popping in the Google search results for target keywords.

HLM before ReviewShepherd:

hlm on google before review building

After using ReviewShepherd, the Google profile starting showing up on the first page of the search results. She now has four times the reviews of any of her competitors. If you were looking for a staffing company in Dallas, which of the following companies would you call? It’s an absolute no-brainer.

HLM after ReviewShepherd:

review building on google

Next Client – From 3 to 36 Reviews!

Next up we have a ReviewShepherd client who went from 3 reviews to 36.

Check out the following screenshot taken before using ReviewShepherd. The client is buried in the maps results. Two of their competitors had the star rating displaying and beat out our client in terms of review count. The odds of our client getting the call for this keyword search are very, very low:

get google reviews before

After using our software, this client shows up much more prominently in the search results, for many more keywords. They have almost three times more reviews than any of their competitors! How likely are they to get the call now???

google plus review building

Review building on Yelp

Yelp can be a huge source of customers for many small businesses. Many companies really struggle to build reviews there. The following client was no exception; this company had just three Yelp reviews and one of the reviews was a nasty two star review that significantly brought down the average star rating. After using our software, this company now ranks #1 in their category on Yelp and has a 4.5 star rating!

yelp review building

This Yelp profile is the second result in the search result when you search for the company’s brand in Google and the star rating shows up right there in the search results. People often search for a company’s name before utilizing their services; bad review ratings can easily kill a sale. No longer a problem for this company.

Triple Your Reviews With ReviewShepherd!

In addition to dominating Yelp, this landscaping company has almost quadrupled their reviews on Google. They have almost four times the number of reviews as any of their competitors.

Before ReviewShepherd, this company was lost in the crowd for their primary keyword:

get google maps reviews

After ReviewShepherd… they’re simply killing it! Same exact keyword, but look at that review count:

lewisville landscaping after

Over 50 Reviews!

This AC repair company doubled their review count in just a few short weeks:

before google review building

build reviews

That’s just a handful of our many success stories. We are confident that we can do the same for your company. Try our software right now for just $199 a month.