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About ReviewShepherd

Everyone knows how valuable online reviews are; however, if you have ever engaged in the process of review building yourself, then you are aware of how tremendously tedious and difficult it can be.

Here’s a common situation: let’s say that you are interested in building up reviews for your Google Plus profile. You have a customer who has mentioned that they would be happy to leave you a review. You email them over the link to your profile and kindly ask them to submit their feedback. They click on the “Write a Review” button. Google them prompts them to sign into their Google+ account. The problem is… they don’t have a Google+ account. The customer then emails you and says that they tried to leave a review but Google wouldn’t let them because they didn’t have a Google+ account. You kindly ask if they would be willing to sign up for an account. This turns them off. They don’t want to create a whole new email account; they were doing you a favor in the first place and now you are inconveniencing them and asking too much.

So much time and coordination and the end result is that you potentially alienated a customer… and didn’t even end up with a review!

ReviewShepherd is your guide for attaining high 100% real, safe reviews for your online profiles such as Google Maps, Angie’s List, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Maps and more.

The product was created by a team of SEO experts that specialize in local SEO for small businesses. The team found that reviews are absolutely critical for the success of small businesses online;
however, none of the existing businesses that specialized in managing and capturing online reviews for small businesses quite suited their needs. There was always something off in terms of price, performance or functionality.

ReviewShepherd was created to fill that niche. We make the process of attaining reviews easy. We automate the process so that you (the business owner) have to invest minimal effort.

We also have plans for agencies or larger companies that need to efficiently manage the process of obtaining dozens (or even hundreds) of online profiles.

The best part of the process is that all reviews are completely real and completely safe. There are many ways to game the system… and even though some of these methods may produce quick results, you risk getting your online profiles penalized and deindexed. That can have a tremendously negative impact on the performance of your business. It’s simply not worth the risk. Building reviews with ReviewShepherd is completely safe… and best of all, completely effective.